What Men Really Want


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While women complain that men can be insensitive and uncommunicative, men feel that women beg them to disclose their feelings but do not really want to hear what they have to say. A vicious cycle of inflated expectation, disappointment, hurt and anger is set in motion.


New York: Penguin, USA, Inc., paperback

Milan: Tea Practica, softcover

A fresh approach to true communication and understanding between the sexes, WHAT MEN REALLY WANT is the definitive guide to love and intimacy. It will change the way you feel about men and women and love.


"It's a very well written guide to the realities and fallacies of relationships between men and women. More than anything it is a helpful digest of men's perspectives on life and relationships, of their experiences of socialization as children, and of the pressures to which they are subjected as adults, all of which impact their interactions with the significant women in their lives. Unlike Gray's Men are from Mars..., which often times loses one through "cute" sometimes patronizing and repetitious style (although a helpful book also), Dr. Goldberg describes more succinctly and clearly what men can realistically deliver emotionally in relationships."
                                                                                                           --Self-Help Magazine shm.com

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