The New Male-Female Relationship


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The New Male-Female Relationship shows how traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity make harmonious, happy, and productive relationships impossible. Drawing on years of experience as a practicing psychologist, Herb Goldberg has written a book with answers for both men and women.


New York, Signet, paperback

New York: William Morrow & Co., hardcover

"For years I've been recommending Golberg's books to readers. They are for truth between men and women, what Dr. Herb Goldberg has to say makes the most sense."  --Los Angeles Times

"I believe that in this book Goldberg has written the best statement on conflict resolution I have ever encountered...a compassionate and wise blueprint for what our society can yet become."  --American Man


"Goldberg writes evenhandedly, refusing to blame one sex for the other's troubles,  but arguing that both have been victims of restrictive gender roles."
--Eugene R. August, MEN'S STUDIES

'The male's conditioning teaches him to be the initiator, the director, the actor. Femininity trains her to take her cues from him and to be naive - the reactor', Goldberg says in an enormously impressive new book 'The New Male-Female Relationship'."
                                                                                    --Los Angeles Times 


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