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Examines the crises created by traditional notions of masculinity and reveals that men today are in a real Catch-22 position: programmed to be tough and independent, they're now supposed to help out at home and to be sensitive partners to their changing women.

A major work on the place of the male in our modern, liberated society. A combination of philosophical and practical advice on how men can live with women, giving, caring, sharing, strong.


New York, Signet, paperback

New York: William Morrow & Co., hardcover

"In this energetic exhortation, Goldberg sees the modern male in crisis, and offers advice on how to replace his self-destructive tendencies with positive changes which will include self-care, spontaneity, and personal fulfillment." --EUGENE R. AUGUST, MEN'S STUDIES


"So much has been written about the plight of contemporary women that it obscures the crisis affecting men locked in the stereotype of masculinity which is the subject of Goldberg's valuable study. The "macho warrior", according to image, is rigid, determined, exaggeratedly aggressive. He tries to turn his wife into the "Earth Mother", fragile, compassionate, self-denying, submissive, yet simultaneously an unfathomable mystery, emotionally predictable and infinitely complex. If she accords with this image, then each of the partners is living a stereotype and denying his or her personhood. Relations between the two become intolerable and the man often turns to destructive acts when he feels himself trapped: alcoholism, child or spouse abuse, compulsive overwork or cynical detachment. Goldberg offers a wealth of worthwhile suggestions that will help lead both men and women to more constructive behavior."
                         --Publisher's Weekly


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