The Inner Male


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Dr. Goldberg shows that it is men's and women's psychological undertows - the home of their unconscious gender defenses - that drive them to self-destructive behavior in relationships.

With the advent of both men's and women's liberation, many aspects of the male experience have become more confused, complicated and distressing than in more traditional days. The expectations of fulfillment that were supposed to have been the result of the liberated male-female relationship have, by and large, not materialized. Both men and women are left wondering why.

New York: Penguin, U.S.A. (Signet), paperback

New York: NAL, hardcover

"Of the parade of pop psychotherapists who trump through this office, each clutching their new book  and claiming it finally, definitely,explains men and women, what Dr. Herb Goldberg has to say makes the most sense."  --Dallas Times Herald

"Goldberg is at his best chopping a path through the jungle of relational power dynamics that hide men and women...The narrative will vividly convey the molasses viscosity of our modern dilemma...guys won't find a better guide."    --Houston Chronicle

"This is a book for both sexes and one that lends itself well to productive discussion."
            --SIECUS REPORT: Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S.

"...penetrating, unsentimental, and unbiased...THE INNER MALE is like a submarine that descends into the darkness of the male psyche on page one, and stays there, sending back pictures from a world most men have never seen - but will recognize with a jolt of self-revelation."
--Men's Health       

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