The Hazards of Being Male


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There are, I believe, three basic processes that contribute to the physical deterioration of the male body. They are intellectualization,  macho rigidity and guilt.

The women's liberation movement did not effect its astounding impact via self-hate, guilt or the desire to placate the male. Instead it has been energized by anger and outrage. Neither will the male change in any meaningful way until he experiences his underlying rage toward the endless, impossible binds under which he lives, the rigid definition of his role, the endless pressure to be all things to all people, and the guilt-oriented, self-denying way he has traditionally related to women, to his feelings, and to his needs.

New York: Nash Publishing, Inc. hardocover

New York: Signet, paperback

"A provocative and perceptive book...a book that defines a new course for males in human growth and self-liberation...a book that cares about men as men."  LOS ANGELES TIMES  "This is the most important 'male liberation' book to date...a book that cares about men as men." --Houston Chronicle

"This book is jarring in its validity. There is not a single false note!"
                                                  --West Coast Review of Books

"Reflects a new maturity on the part of males in response to the women's movement...puts men back in touch with their emotions and their bodies and restores confidence in their proclivities."
                                                        --Library Journal

" important to men as Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique was to women..."
                                                                                           --The Michigan Daily

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