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My career as an author began in 1974. I co-authored a book with George R. Bach titled Creative Aggression. It was published by Doubleday and was one of several books that launched a new direction in psychology, namely, the emphasis on authenticity, assertiveness, assertion training, constructive confrontation and anger management.

The book was commercially and academically successful. It was an alternate selection for the Literary Guild and the main selection for the Psychology Today book club. Paperback rights were sold to Avon. It had eight foreign editions, including German, Dutch, English, Brazil, Holland, Japanese, French and Spanish. In 1981, the Los Angeles Times Book Review named Creative Aggression as one of the "100 Books for the Modern Person" - a list that spanned 40 years, selecting a few books for each publication year.

Doubleday repurchased the softcover rights to Creative Aggression when Avon's license lapsed and published a successful 1983 Anchor/Doubleday edition. In 1988, NAL/Signet bought the paperback rights and brought out a new edition. Creative Aggression has sold well over a million copies and is considered a classic in modern popular psychology.

In 1976, The Hazards of Being Male was published in hardcover by Nash Publishing in California. The book built a readership slowly. Over the next five years it became the most widely read and referred to book on men in this country, and in a number of European countries as well. Hazards launched a new direction in men's consciousness and for a number of years it was known as the bible of the men's movement. Hazards was helped along by my 3 appearances on Donahue. Two were in one week with an all male audience. I co-hosted a segment on men for an entire week on Good Morning America as well.

NAL/Signet brought out Hazards in paperback in 1977 and it went through 27 printings before going out of print a few years ago. A 10th anniversary edition with a new introduction was published in 1987, at the time when NAL bought the license for another 10 years.

Hazards has had eleven foreign editions, including Holland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Israel, Denmark, Spain, Japan, Bulgaria (in press), Korea (in press) and Turkey. Sections of the book have been reprinted and quoted in many college textbooks, articles, seminar manuals, etc. To date, Hazards has nearly a million copies in print.

In 1978, I co-authored a book with Dr. Robert T. Lewis titled Money Madness, which Wm. Morrow published in hardcover. It was a selection of Fortune, Psychology Today, and Playboy book clubs. NAL published it in paperback and there were four foreign editions, including Argentina, Japan, England and Switzerland. Its content is more relevant today in a time of money craziness than when it was originally published.

The New Male was published by Wm. Morrow in 1979. I was featured with it on almost every major talk show and the book was widely reviewed, including a review in The New York Times Sunday book section.
The paperback was published by NAL/Signet and has close to 400,000 in print. There are five foreign editions, including Canada, Holland, Japan, Germany and Poland. The New Male is widely referenced in other people's books and sections of it are regularly reprinted in textbooks.

Wm. Morrow, Inc., published The New Male/Female Relationship in 1983. The book examined and explored the impact of gender on both men and women and on their relationship with each other. A paperback edition was published by NAL/Signet in 1984. It sold well and was brought out in a new edition with a new cover about 8 years later. The New Male/Female Relationship has had five foreign editions, including England, Japan, Canada, Germany, and China. I believe that the book describes the dynamics of male/female relationships in a balanced and original way.

The Inner Male was published by NAL in hard- and softcover editions in 1987 and 1988. It has had foreign editions in Germany, Japan, Brazil and Canada.

In 1991, my book for women called What Men Really Want was published by Penguin, U.S.A. The book has been a surprise, selling consistently for over 10 years with 13 printings. It has sold based on word-of-mouth, being often referred to in women's periodicals. It had an Italian edition published in 1999 and it was also published in Japan.

In June, 2007, Barricade Books published What Men Still Don't Know About Women, Relationships, and Love. In this book, I integrate and synthesize the key theoretical concepts about gender and relationships that I had previously written about with contemporary issues and concerns of men, including sections on parenting, custody, sexual harassment, and other matters of vital concern to the survival and well-being of men. IT has been contracted for editions in Brazil, Greece, Czech Republic, and Korea.

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